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To ensure that Life Rush Adventures participants are matched with the appropriate Electric MTB experience it is important that everyone know their skill level. Please take a moment to define your riding ability beforehand so that your riding experience is matched with the appropriate trail based on your riding ability.


Beginner Level: Some level of experience riding mountain bikes. The participation of this level includes, but is not limited to,fire-roads. Comfortable riding over rocky areas with loose gravel and mild descents.


Intermediate Level:  A rider who has experience with some level of single track and is comfortable with riding over small obstacles, such as roots, rocks, steep descents, and alongside trees and cliffs. Riding through mud, loose gravel, stream crossings and other challenging terrain. They should also be comfortable shifting gears while ascending and descending.

Being able to stand up on the pedals  while shifting their  body back on the descents while braking. Being able to use momentum and speed to climb over harsh terrain such as roots and rocks. 


Advanced Level: Riding on steep challenging terrain through mud, loose gravel, stream crossings and alongside cliffs with extreme exposure. Experience on technical single track with extreme descent requiring a high level of coordination and balance. This level is for the most skilled rider who has a proficient amount of experience mountain biking.


If you are uncertain of your riding ability, please Contact Us


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